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30 Chinese names generated special for you (surname before first name)

  • Cao Tai
  • Lei Fu
  • Mu Nianzu
  • Sharma Chinese
  • Stone Lanying
  • Jones Ching
  • Hui Long
  • Chau Guanyin
  • Jiao Chonglin
  • Zhen Mei Xing
  • Wong Xiaoqing
  • Lou Jingguo
  • Sha Tai
  • Soong Xing
  • Zhuo Hua
  • Ly Lien
  • Dian Hai
  • Aihe Xin
  • Song Chenguang
  • Bei Xue
  • Tsai Yue
  • Liao Chow
  • Lo Xiaoping
  • Gan Niao-ka
  • Choi Qiqiang
  • Wen Jiayi
  • Weng Weisheng
  • Dou Huizhong
  • Guan Yi
  • Bei Guang
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China is the world's largest nation, with numerous dialects across the country and about one billion people speak Mandarin Chinese. However, if you are looking for a name for your child or character that should follow the Chinese naming convention, then this generator is the best tool for you.

The name order differs from European or American - the surname comes first.

To have a surname used to be an aristocratic privilege in China, although they have abandoned that tradition in modern times. However, their parents still disapprove of naming a child after a celebrity or an older relative because they believe that the youngest members of the family will, in that case, eventually violate the Chinese social norms one way or another.

Our generator can create more than 225,000 names, male or female, within the cultural framework of Chinese society. For example, since ancient times, the Chinese have associated male names with reason and power. The female names, on the other hand, depict nature and express beauty.

Press the button for a list of 30 names and then again for 30 more until you find the best one for you.

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