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The tradition of giving people descriptive last names is universal and goes back to prehistoric times. This way, everybody was classified into a predetermined social niche to which he would be bound for life, and even pass that destiny on to his descendants.

Every last name is extremely important because it can perfectly reveal a fictional character or cleverly conceal your personality for games, social media, or writing a book.

We have collected and analyzed a huge collection of surnames (more than 1.5 million) from around the world to help you come up with lots of random ideas. We have researched numerous geographic regions and historic periods to come up with last names from a wide variety of cultures.

You will be able to find the perfect surname for your characters, whether they are supposed to be Japanese, American, British, French, or Greek. We also have a large selection of fantasy names based on relevant literature from all over the world (Harry Potter, Star Wars, DnD, etc).

Our generator will be perfect for writers to create original characters or pseudonyms. All you need to do is select your search criteria and click on the button to get ten random last names, then click again for ten more if necessary, until you see the one that describes your character most eloquently.

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