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Romaji Hiragana Kanji Name meaning
もろずみ まさる
諸 - many, several, together, various
角 - angle, antlers, corner, horn, square
優 - actor, excel, gentleness, superiority, surpass, tenderness
いばやし みねゆき
井林 厳休
井 - community, town, well, well crib
林 - forest, grove
厳 - rigidity, severity, stern, strictness
休 - day off, rest, retire, sleep
もろなが とうぎ
諸永 斗義
諸 - many, several, together, various
永 - eternity, lengthy, long
斗 - Big Dipper, dots and cross radical (no. 68), sake dipper, ten sho (vol)
義 - honor, justice, loyalty, meaning, morality, righteousness
あしば りんは
足羽 凛羽
足 - be sufficient, counter for pairs of footwear, foot, leg
羽 - counter for birds, rabbits, feathers
凛 - cold, severe, strict
羽 - counter for birds, rabbits, feathers
たん ふくひこ
丹 - pills, red, red lead, rust-colored, sincerity
副 - aide, assistant, copy, duplicate, vice-
彦 - boy (ancient), lad
はまたけ はつね
浜武 初祢
浜 - beach, seacoast, seashore
武 - arms, chivalry, military, warrior
初 - beginning, first time
祢 - ancestral shrine
あなぶき なおうみ
穴吹 直海
穴 - aperture, cave, den, hole, slit
吹 - blow, breathe, emit, puff, smoke
直 - fix, frankness, honesty, repair, straightaway
海 - ocean, sea
さい もうがん
佐井 猛願
佐 - assistant, help
井 - community, town, well, well crib
猛 - become furious, fierce, rave, rush, strength, wildness
願 - hope, petition, request, vow, wish
みとみ りくた
三富 力尊
三 - three
富 - abundant, enrich, wealth
力 - bear up, exert, power, strain, strength, strong
尊 - exalted, noble, precious, revered, valuable
おば ちおみ
大場 千緒美
大 - big, large
場 - location, place
千 - thousand
緒 - beginning, cord, end, inception, mental or emotional state, strap, thong
美 - beautiful, beauty
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Our generator can help you select a Japanese name for a girl, a boy or unisex variants. Each name is written with English letters (romaji) for simple understanding and duplicated in Hiragana and Kanji scripts with the meaning of each character.

While building this generator, we took into account the peculiarities of Japanese culture.

  • In Japan, parents have the freedom to choose any name for their child, but it is crucial to adhere to authorized characters and respect cultural traditions.
  • Traditional Japanese last names are often derived from the names of geographical locations.
  • Also, in this country, last names come before first names.

Within our database, you can find over 20,000 first names and approximately 10,000 last names.

How to use the generator?

  1. First, decide on the gender and choose a suitable option or just a random selection.
  2. After that, you can type the letters with which the first and last names can be starting and ending.
  3. If you want to create a Japanese name based on your real name, write it in a separate field.
  4. Push the button and the system will generate a list of 30 random Japanese names.

What to do with the generated names?

These ideas of female, male and unisex Japanese names come in handy for novelists, playwrights, anime artists, comic book authors and any other types of creative personalities. You can choose a variant with meaning behind the name or just a nice combination of syllables.

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