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10 random names generated special for you:

  • Jessie Simpson
  • Bailey Walsh
  • Robin Cooke
  • River Mccarthy
  • Vic Walker
  • Jessie Mullins
  • Bailey Everett
  • Robin Rodriguez
  • River Medina
  • Vic Roy
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The United States is a colonial country, and a person's name often says something about his country of origin. As a result, there is a great diversity of names in this part of the world, and you can meet lots of people with English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and African names. Still, the majority of names are, probably, of English origin.

In addition, the US laws are pretty lenient concerning the choice of given names, so the phantasy often runs wild too. Besides, the country has a long Christian tradition, and many names refer to some famous Biblical characters or even the Creator, such as Moses, Jesus, Sarah, Jacob, Leah and Noah. And some names refer to the religious aspects and concepts instead: Faith, Jordan, Trinity, Eden, et cetera.

Another interesting tradition is to use first names for surnames, although it actually goes back to the UK. Good examples are Cameron, Michael, Madison, Parker and Cooper. This is when it helps to remember that in English culture, the first name always comes first, the last one - last. This way, you will never get confused about George Michael's surname.

If you need a cool American name for your character, our generator can help you by giving you lots of ideas. Just click on the button to get ten random names, male and female, and if you like none of them, click again for ten more until you find a perfect one for you. It is as simple as that!

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