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30 random names generated special for you (surname before first name)

  • Tang Haneul
  • Buhm Ji-tae
  • Hahk Young-hee
  • Ohnn Woosung
  • O Bo-a
  • Soung Hoon
  • Dhang Yohan
  • Gym Sung-won
  • Du Min-kyu
  • Goung Myung-sook
  • Won Gyeo-wool
  • Kah Han-na
  • Mai In
  • Urh Jin-sun
  • Kho Seong-min
  • Thang Jin-hyuk
  • Chegal Jung-sook
  • Rahn Ji-yeon
  • Pung Sang-woo
  • Namgoong Migyung
  • Gal Eunjoo
  • Wie Jooheon
  • Pee Jong-hyeon
  • Yim Bae
  • Si Kyung-chul
  • Song Min-jung
  • Kar Kyong
  • Kim Jun-ha
  • Kyeong Han-jae
  • Pyun Hyun-ok
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Korea has a long history dating back to the third millennium BC. Although the country has remained split since 1945, both states use the same names. However, the order differs from ours - the last name comes first. Besides, they can write them in Chinese or Korean characters.

South Korea now prefers to use European names, while North Korea remains loyal to the traditional options, but parents in both states take their time choosing ideal ones for their children.

Our service can generate more than 100,000 Romanised versions of Korean names, male or female, following modern Korean traditions. Press the button for a random list of 30 combinations, and if you still need more ideas, press again for another 30 until you find the one that suits you best.

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